Ko Bakery is located in Puhi Industrial, 1611 Haleukana St. #3. Store Hours Monday-Friday 6AM-2PM.


sweet treats


One our most popular products, Ko’s scones are made with real butter and cream, many featuring the tropical flavors we all love. Everyday we bake several favorites, including:

  • Lilikoi White Chocolate

  • Pineapple Coconut

  • Bananas Foster

  • Double Chocolate

Other flavors available for special order:

  • Ginger Pecan

  • Oatmeal Cranberry

  • Very Blueberry

  • Cherry Almond


These double sized muffins are moist and flavorful, and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for something sweet for breakfast. Flavors at the bakery change from day-to-day, but all are available for special order.

  • Blueberry

  • Coconut with Mac Nut Struessel

  • Double Chocolate

  • Banoffee


These one of a kind tarts have a crunchy crust made with our biscotti and are simply too yummy to pass up.

  • Chococlate

  • Peanut Butter (coming soon!)

Bar Cookies

If you’re a lilikoi fan (and we know there are a lot of you), Ko’s Lilikoi Bars are one of our most popular items. Made with a ginger shortbread crust and a gooey lilikoi filling, these bars are satisfying in more ways than we can count. Others coming soon!

  • Lilikoi Bar with Ginger Shortbread Crust


Soft and chewy, these cookies will satisfy even the most discerning cookie fanatics. Available at the bakery everyday:

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Peanut Butter

  • Triple Chocolate

  • Macadamia White Chocolate Chip

We have a lot of others available for special order, so call ahead if you are looking for one of the other delectable options:

  • Coco Oat Raisin

  • Coco Oat Scotchie

  • Macaroon

  • Spicy Chocolate

Sweet Loaves

If it’s banana bread your after you can count on us having slices of our That’s Bananas bread everyday. For some other options, call ahead and order whole loaves of:

  • Pahoehoe (brioche with chocolate swirl filling)

  • Vanilla Pound Cake

  • Orange Spice Pound Cake

  • Lemon Ginger Pound Cake

  • Lilikoi Pound Cake

Cinnamon Rolls

One of the single most popular items we make, Ko’s Cinnamon Rolls are make with a buttery brioche dough, Vietnamese cinnamon and real cream cheese frosting. Not to be missed.


The perfect balance of fudgy and cakey and rich chocolate taste.

  • Fudge

  • Caramel Swirl


savory breakfast

Breakfast Rolls

We take our buttery brioche roll dough and roll the up with savory ingredients to give you a breakfast treat to help get you through the morning.

  • Ham & Cheese


A flaky butter crust baked to crispy perfection paired with the best ingredients to deliver a flavorful treat for breakfast or lunch.

  • Quiche Lorraine (Bacon & Swiss)

  • Spinach, Onion & Feta

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

It took us awhile to come up with the perfect biscuit to pair with our housemade pork sausage gravy. A great way to start your day (available Monday, Wednesday and Friday).


Cakes & cheesecakes

Individual Cakes

We took some of our most popular cakes and baked them into an individual round to satisfy your cake cravings:

  • Carrot Ginger

  • Ko Caramel (coming soon)


Everyone loves a cupcake (especially the keiki), so we couldn’t resist adding these to our lineup. We always have a small variety in the bakery for you, but call ahead if you’d like to order specific flavors or if you need a few dozen for your next event.


If cheesecakes are your jam, don’t miss out on our unique twist on these dessert classics. These crunchy crusts made from our buttery biscotti are paired with real cream cheese and inspired by some favorite island flavors. We always have Lilikoi slices available at the bakery, but call ahead if you would like to order a whole cheesecake for dessert.

  • Lilikoi

  • Kauai Coffee

  • Vanilla

  • Peanut Butter

  • Pineapple

  • Chocolate


One our most popular products, all Ko Cakes are three layers of moist cake married with our housemade buttercreams and frostings. We always have a few cakes at the bakery, but call ahead to order one of these amazing desserts, available in three different sizes:


gift items


Ko Crisps are extraordinarily delicate and crispy cookies in tropical and traditional flavors. Give them a try and find out why they are a local favorite. Standard flavors available:

  • Coconut

  • Lilikoi

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Coconut Chocolate Chip

We also rotate our seasonal flavors throughout the year:

  • Mint Chocolate

  • Peanut Butter

  • Ginger


Made with traditional rolled oats, honey and the best island ingredients, Hula Baby Granola is great with yogurt, on some fresh fruit or right out of the bag. Flavors available:

  • Hula Baby Blend

  • Island Fruit & Nut


Hula Baby's award winning artisan biscotti is inspired by the flavors of the islands. These unique treats are great for dipping in coffee, tea or wine, but are so tender and crunchy that they can be eaten right out of the package. Our everyday flavors include:

  • Island Macadamia

  • Lilikoi Cranberry

  • ChoCocoMacs

  • Kauai Coffee

  • White Ginger

We have lots (and lots) of seasonal flavors, so give us a call or check out the website to see what’s available:

  • Island Lemon Macadamia

  • Coconut Cinnamon Almond

  • Honey Pistachio

  • Island Buttermint

  • Nuts for Rosemary

  • Hawaiian Blue Basil

  • Chocolate CocoNutter

  • CocoCaNana

Coffee Beans

Our coffee beans are a 100% Kauai Single Estate Reserve. These beans are the best-of-the-best of Kauai Coffee beans. Smooth taste and great flavor.

  • Wailua Sunrise (Medium Roast)

  • Plantation Sunset (Dark Roast)

  • Hula Moon Swiss Water Decaf (Medium Dark Roast)




Ko Bakery is proud to partner with The Tea Chest Hawaii for exceptional quality loose leaf teas.


  • Black - Victorian Breakfast, Earl Grey, Passionfruit Paradise, Ginger

  • Green - Sencha Green

  • Herbal - Chamomile Mint


Our specialty coffee is 100% local Kauai coffee, and estate reserve that is a best-of-the-best and roasted to our standards. Smooth and elegant.


  • Brew of the day

  • Espresso drinks (coming soon!)


  • Cold brew coffee, exceptionally smooth

Other Beverages


  • UCC Kona Coffee

  • Langer’s Orange Juice

  • Langer’s Pineapple Orange Guava Juice

  • Henry Weinhard Cherry Vanilla Soda

  • Henry Weinhard Root Beer

  • Vita Coco Water

  • Hawaii Volcanic Water