A New Twist on Crisp


Our master bakers are always dreaming up new and exciting flavors of paradise.  This month, we've unveiled our newest tropical take on a traditional favorite, Ko Crisps.  These delectable cookies are a dream come true for those who are looking for the perfect crunch.  At present, Ko Crisps are available in two flavors, coconut and chocolate chip.  But we'll be introducing more flavors over the next few months. 

Coconut Crisps are a sweet coconut heaven.  These cookies are infused with the highest quality toasted coconut extract and hand coated with Mauai turbinado sugar and real toasted coconut.  From the first crunch, you'll be addicted.





Chocolate Chip Crisps are a crispy twist on a home style tradition.  You crunchy cookie lovers have finally met your match.





   No additives or preservatives here, just home made island goodness.  

 Both of these delicious flavors are available in our Online Shop, and at the Saturday KCC farmers market.  Also, look for them at retail outlets where where you find Hula Baby Biscotti and Granola.  


Listen to Aunty. She Knows Best.

Well known to locals, and making new fans amongst visitors daily, lilikoi, or passionfruit, grows abundantly all over Hawaii. When it comes to the little yellow fruit, Kauai's Aunty Lilikoi knows best. That's why we use Aunty's amazing lilikoi products in our lilikoi Hula Baby and Ko products.  Aunty's lilikoi concentrate goes into our lilikoi cranberry biscotti, lilikoi cheesecakes, lilikoi sugar cookies, and lilikoi bars.  These treats have built up such a following amongst locals and visitors alike that we are working constantly to keep up with demand. 

Tangy like citrus, yet thoroughly tropical, lilikoi is the perfect flavor to contrast or complement other rich or powerful tastes.  Our master bakers have perfectly balanced the essence of this marvelous tropical fruit with other unique flavors of paradise, and they just work in the most surprising of ways.  Because Aunty's palate for passionfruit is so finely tuned, she carries all of our lilikoi flavored products in her Waimea store.  Be sure to stop in and try out any or all of them. Above all, when it comes to lilikoi, listen to Aunty. She knows best.


Papaluaisland.com is Open for Business!

Aloha and E Komo Mai    Today we are proud to launch our new website, papaluaisland.com.  The freshly designed site is the online home for our Hula Baby and Ko Bakery brands.  Despite the new address, you will still be able to reach us using our previous URLs, Kobakery.com and hulababybakery.com.  Both of these will whisk you instantly to our new Papalua Island home.


Shop!  We are pleased to open our online shop. Whether you live on the mainland or on one of our neighbor islands, you can always get your biscotti or granola fix.  So many visitors to Kauai have asked us about buying our products online, and we couldn't be more pleased to oblige!   

Soon, we'll be adding new flavors of biscotti and Ko Bakery's amazing Crisp cookies to our online line-up.  Not everything on the Papalua Island menu is shippable. Some things you will still need to visit the Garden Island to enjoy.  If you don't see it in the store, please feel free to contact us, and we can discuss if it may be possible to to get a particular item to you affordably and in accordance with our strict quality standards.  


News   As you can see, we now have a blog where you can keep up with all the new flavors of paradise.  We'll post about new places both on and off Kauai you will be able to buy Hula Baby and Ko Bakery products, as well as updates on recipes we are working on, and our quest for a retail shop of our own.  


Video    Our new site also provides us place to show off our other artistic talents.  We have posted several videos brought over from Kobakery.com, and will be posting more.  On our video agenda are instructional videos from our master bakers on how to use our biscotti mixes, as well as videos of our periodic cooking and baking demonstrations at Kukui'ula.  We will also keep posting some videos just for fun as well.


Now that you're here, please stay awhile, peruse Papaluaisland.com, browse the shop, and read Our Story!  E komo mai.