Omiyage is the Japanese tradition of gift giving. When traveling, it is custom in Japan to return with gifts for friends, family, and coworkers of something meaningful to and made in the place visited.  But omiyage isn't just a souvenir. Rather, because space is at such a premium in most Japanese houses, it should be something small, consumable, and well presented.  Ideally, omiyage should also be a gift that can be shared. Beautifully packaged foods, confections, and unique treats are common omiyage gifts.  

In Japan, it's easy to find perfect little packaged gifts for omiyage where ever you happen be.  Outside Japan, it can be much more challenging. Hula Baby Biscotti and Ko Crisps have become favorite omiyage for Japanese visitors to Kauai.  They are Kauai made, beautifully packaged, absolutely delicious, and just the right size for sharing.  Omiyage is such a wonderful and considerate tradition.  We feel like everyone should embrace it, no matter where they are from.