Aloha Spice Company

We're thrilled to announce that Kauai's own Aloha Spice Company now carries all four flavors of our Ko Crisps!  Visit Aloha Spice Company located at 3847 Hanapepe Road in Hanapepe and pick up some Coconut, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, of Coconut Chocolate Chip Crisps.   

And while you're there, pick up some of Aloha Spice Company's amazing organic seasonings and rubs, Hawaiian sea salts, and aromatic sugar and spice mixes.  They make great gifts!  

Joanna Carolan and Michael Simpson, owners of Aloha Spice Company, are experts at flavor combinations, and have finely tuned palates.  So, it's quite a compliment that they like our Ko Crisps so much.  We're honored that they've chosen to put our delectable cookies next to their exquisite rubs and seasonings!