Lilikoi Crisps have Arrived!

We're proud to announce that we've added another delicious flavor to our Ko Crisps line: Lilikoi.  These amazing little cookies are infused with Kauai lilikoi and vanilla, giving them a unique lilikoi-cream taste.  These gems debut this Saturday at the Kauai Community College farmers market, and become available for mail order in our online shop next week.  If you're a lilikoi fan, you won't want to miss this newest addition to our flavors of paradise.  

Chocolate Coconutter - The Newest Flavor of Paradise

We're so proud to start 2014 off by introducing the newest Hula Baby flavor of paradise: Chocolate Coconutter.  You may recall that we  introduced Coconutter, our delicious biscotti blend of coconut, peanuts, and peanut butter back in August.  It was such a hit, we decided to add some high quality chocolate chips to the mix and an amazing new flavor was born.  That classic combination of chocolate and peanut butter gets a little coconut to add an unlikely but sublime tropical twist.  We've added Chocolate Coconutter to our product offerings at the KCC market on Saturdays and the Kukui'ula market on Wednesdays. Stop by and give it a try.  

If you aren't lucky enough to be on Kauai, we've also added it to the online shop where you can have it shipped to you or anyone in the US.  


The Flavor of the Holidays: Pumpkin Spice

We're so very proud to announce the debut of our newest flavor of paradise.  Our amazing Pumpkin Spice biscotti has arrived Just in time for the holiday season. Infused with pumpkin purée, pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds), and pumpkin pie spices, each bite is a holiday celebration. You can get your hands on a bag at the weekly Wednesday and Saturday farmers markets on Kauai, and via our online shop.  These crunchy delights make great gifts you'll want to send to everyone on your list.  Don't forget to get a few bags of Pumpkin Spice biscotti for yourself, because this flavor of paradise is only available October through January.  

Island Butter Mint Biscotti is Back!

At last, the fall has arrived and we've brought Hula Baby's Island Butter Mint biscotti back for the season. This autumn and winter favorite is a masterful combination of Kauai-grown fresh mint and buttery biscotti.  Available October through January, Island Butter Mint is in production again, and available at the KCC and Kukui'ula farmers markets, and via our Online Shop.  

Vegan & Gluten-free Biscotti

Everyone should be able to enjoy the flavors of paradise, and that includes our vegan and gluten-free friends.  Because so many people ask about glutenless and vegan options, we've added a version of our incredibly scrumptious Chococomacs biscotti that is both vegan and gluten-free.  We've replaced the wheat flour used in our regular biscotti recipe with certified gluten-free flours. To make it vegan, we've used a  Maui white sugar, not processed with any animal products. And instead of eggs and butter we've used vegan flax seed and coconut oils.  In addition, our bakers apply scrupulous attention to baking protocols necessary to keep the gluten-free and vegan baking processes separate from our regular baking production.  

This newest addition to our biscotti product line is every bit a flavor of paradise, as tasty and delicious as the original Chococomacs.   Put simply, our philosophy on special dietary versions of our products is that they must taste as good and be every bit as enjoyable as the original delicious version.  No pale comparisons or second bests allowed. We'll be working through our other biscotti flavors and thinking about the best ones for future gluten-free and vegan varieties.  Just as with all our products, we never skimp on quality, and we'll never serve anything that isn't worthy to be a flavor of paradise.  

In the meantime, if it's vegan or gluten-free you need, pick up a bag of our special Chococomacs version at the farmers market or order from our online shop.  Also, you might give our granolas a try.  They are totally vegan and wheat free. It should be noted, however, that the oats in our granolas are not from a certified gluten-free source.  This is because we haven't yet identified a certified gluten-free oat supplier who meets our high quality standards.   

Meet our Newest Flavor of Paradise: CocoNutter

Hula Baby's CocoNutter Biscotti

It's here!  Our newest flavor of paradise - CocoNutter.  A delicious blend of coconut, peanuts, and peanut butter in a crunchy biscotti biscuit.  We'll have a limited supply of this amazing new biscotti at the Kauai Community College Farmers Market today.  Stop by between 9:30AM and 1:00PM to pick up a bag of this dreamy new flavor.  


Mint and Chocolate: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

At Hula Baby and Ko Bakery, we're always working on new flavor combinations, and we've hit on yet another we think you're going to love. At today's farmers market at Kauai Community College, we will be debuting our newest addition to our line of Ko Crisps: mint chocolate. These crunchy cookies are the perfect marriage of decadent high quality chocolate and Island mint. We use Callebaut 60% Dutch chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder, and the finest essence of fresh mint. Like our coconut and chocolate chip crisps, the mint chocolate crisps get a good roll in turbinado sugar from Maui.

For those of you not lucky enough to be on Kauai to get your fix of crunchy cookie goodness, we have added the Mint Chocolate Crisps to our online shop. Visit us today (August 3) at KCC from 9:30am to 1:00pm to experience the newest flavor of paradise.

A New Twist on Crisp


Our master bakers are always dreaming up new and exciting flavors of paradise.  This month, we've unveiled our newest tropical take on a traditional favorite, Ko Crisps.  These delectable cookies are a dream come true for those who are looking for the perfect crunch.  At present, Ko Crisps are available in two flavors, coconut and chocolate chip.  But we'll be introducing more flavors over the next few months. 

Coconut Crisps are a sweet coconut heaven.  These cookies are infused with the highest quality toasted coconut extract and hand coated with Mauai turbinado sugar and real toasted coconut.  From the first crunch, you'll be addicted.





Chocolate Chip Crisps are a crispy twist on a home style tradition.  You crunchy cookie lovers have finally met your match.





   No additives or preservatives here, just home made island goodness.  

 Both of these delicious flavors are available in our Online Shop, and at the Saturday KCC farmers market.  Also, look for them at retail outlets where where you find Hula Baby Biscotti and Granola.