Listen to Aunty. She Knows Best.

Well known to locals, and making new fans amongst visitors daily, lilikoi, or passionfruit, grows abundantly all over Hawaii. When it comes to the little yellow fruit, Kauai's Aunty Lilikoi knows best. That's why we use Aunty's amazing lilikoi products in our lilikoi Hula Baby and Ko products.  Aunty's lilikoi concentrate goes into our lilikoi cranberry biscotti, lilikoi cheesecakes, lilikoi sugar cookies, and lilikoi bars.  These treats have built up such a following amongst locals and visitors alike that we are working constantly to keep up with demand. 

Tangy like citrus, yet thoroughly tropical, lilikoi is the perfect flavor to contrast or complement other rich or powerful tastes.  Our master bakers have perfectly balanced the essence of this marvelous tropical fruit with other unique flavors of paradise, and they just work in the most surprising of ways.  Because Aunty's palate for passionfruit is so finely tuned, she carries all of our lilikoi flavored products in her Waimea store.  Be sure to stop in and try out any or all of them. Above all, when it comes to lilikoi, listen to Aunty. She knows best.